6 Ways To Adorn Your Floor

The floor is among the most decorative elements in a home. The flooring should always stand out using various decorating ideas. It is vital to understand that creaky or cracked floor is hard to make the flooring stand out. You should be careful of the material used because flooring can be easily damaged over time. The décor of your floor must go hand in hand with your space and room so as to fit in a given interior design. Here are 6 tips to adorn your floor:

  1. More than any other space in our houses, our room is the sanctuary where we rest and breathe sighs of relief, which is why the understated Scandinavian design is the trend of the year! Subtle heaven-white aesthetics to appease and match with even the most demanding of tastes.
  2. Fumed Wood Flooring – Stronger Color and Grain. Almost all types of wood flooring undergo some kind of staining to give them the desired final finish. Fumed wood flooring gets its rich color and grain without having to get any sort of staining. Instead, the wood is put through a process called fuming.  This involves placing the wood in a chamber where airborne ammonia is then released. The wood reacts with the ammonia and undergoes a color change. The reaction does not always result in the exact same changes. The final patina achieved depends on a number of factors including the type of wood, the outside environment and the atmosphere in the chamber itself.  So even among two similar pieces of wood, the resulting hues may vary. Generally, however, fuming gives the wood rich dark tones and enhances the natural grain of the wood. The final look is much more appealing and luxurious than what you get with stained wood flooring.  Do not confuse fumed wood with that which has had liquid ammonia directly applied to it. Using liquid ammonia directly on the wood risks damaging the fiber and could weaken its structure.  To manage expectations and safety concerns–do plenty of research if you plan to use fumed wood flooring.
  3. Toned colors. Mid-century modern is characterized by frugal and noble lines and forms in both architecture and design. The mid-century décor reflects the extraordinary charm of a bygone era, with interiors featuring unique wooden furniture, decorated in warm autumn colors, adorned with geometric patterns on walls and textiles, as well as characteristic retro details: lamps, vases, sculptures and paintings. While choosing the right color palette for your vintage interior, remember to go for warm and toned hues. Every “dusty” version of a color is going to fit it.
  1. Decorative Area Rugs. Area rugs can be just the thing you need to dress up your floors, not to mention warm up your feet! They are a common choice in basements, living rooms and bedrooms, but are becoming more popular in entryways. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so you could easily end up with the wrong style for your room. 
  1. Floor lamps play two major roles; illuminating and decorating. They work best in corners of the rooms as they add reflective lights on the walls. Tower lamps are efficient I one is looking for a decorative element that fits their budget. Tripod lamps are also becoming popular as the mid-century modern look is making a comeback.

The general feeling going into 2018 is that no one is satisfied anymore with traditional materials. Homeowners want flooring materials that have been given special treatment to make them unique in design and texture. Whether it is fumed wood, blanched flooring, textured tile or wood looking tiles; buyers are looking for new and exciting options. Fortunately, 2018 delivers on quality, variety, style and so much more. It will not disappoint.