Creating the Artful Home

One of the things that people consistently say gets in the way of making art is not having an art space. We aren’t all able to create gorgeous studio, but if you truly want to make art and creativity a part of your life and your self-care practice, you can find a space for it. It’s about making your art a priority. Here are some ideas for creating a fun, funky, and functional art space you can really use in your home:

  1. Hang up a scarf- Granted, you should pick a scarf that looks like a piece of art, like this one, and make sure to iron it before you hang it up. But you could also frame it.
  2. Divide a room- into living space and art studio space. Use shelving, a table, or a screen to delineate (or hide!) the art area in a family room or living room.
  3. Use masking tape to create a geoemetric, abstract painting- Paint a crazy colorful random design on a canvas, use tape to make a herringbone pattern, paint over the whole thing in white. Remove the tape after.
  4. Take over a corner-  Place a desk and some shelving with baskets to hold art materials in the corner of any room. Voila! Instant art space.
  5. Frame a fabric or wallpaper sample.
  6. Convert a closet- Squeeze some clothing into another closet, or create a clothing rack in the attic. Use a small desk, chair, and perhaps mini shelving to create your mini art studio.
  7. Wrap cute fabric around a rectangular piece of styrofoam or wood and staple in the back.
  8. Install a fold-down table with some storage somewhere in your home.
  9. Turn an old window into a picture frame.
  10. Take over the garage, attic, or basement. Be sure to consider heating, cooling and humidity issues.
  11. Carry an art pouch. Whether carving out a dedicated art space in your home feels impossible, or you like being able to make art anywhere, a portable art kit is an essential tool.Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint, and glue onto a canvas.
  12. Create a magnetic Scrabble board and have an ongoing game with someone you live with.
  13. Make an art tool bucket. This tool bucket makes for a great portable art station with all its pockets.
  14. Attach fabric to your wall with liquid starch. Peels off easily if you live in a rental. You'll want to use a heavier fabric, like upholstery.
  15. Hand paint watercolor pixel art.
  16. Use a canvas on a hinge to cover an alarm panel or fuse box.
  17. Spraypaint papier-mâché letters to create zinc alphabet letters.
  18. Create string art with embroidery floss or yarn.
  19. Make a wipe-off board with patterned paper inside of a frame.
  20. Sequin your wall.
  21. Make a display with shoe boxes. Spray paint the inside of a shoebox to display lightweight items. Boxes lined with pretty paper looks lovely, as well.

Whether you are just starting to make art or you’re a seasoned artist, trying out some new materials can bring a wonderful infusion of creativity